Iranian American Relief Fund (from now on referred to as  The Chapter)  will abide by the following bylaws:

  • The Chapter must have 5-member board of  trustees.
  • The Chapter will conduct meetings following Robert’s Rule of Order.
  • The Chapter will thoroughly investigate all applications to verify the authenticity of the need. Every application must be approved by no less than 3 members of the Board of Trustees.
  • The approval process is not anonymous, each member’s decision will be documented.
  • If an application is approved by the Board of Trustees, they will have 48 hours to approve or deny the application. If funding is requested, it must also be made available to the applicant within this time frame.
  • The Organization welcomes all inquiries regarding fund usage.
  • A financial report regarding fund’s usage will be provided to the Board of Trustees and made available to the donors every 3 months.